In the Line of Duty

Those we have lost in the line of duty

Probation Counselor
Sacramento County Probation Department
Date of Birth: October 13, 1938
Start Date: September 5, 1963
End of Watch: August 21, 1964
Sacramento CA, Juvenile Hall – On August 19, 1964 Probation Counselor Julius Micheletti was working in the unit supervising youth when a juvenile resident struck him with a pool cue in an attempt to escape. Julius was knocked unconscious and the attack resulted in traumatic brain injury. Julius was taken to a nearby hospital where surgeons worked on him for hours. On August 21, 1964 Julius died from his injuries. Julius was entombed along side his mother and father at St. Mary’s Cemetery.
Sacramento County Probation Department honors Julius Micheletti and his ultimate sacrifice to the department and citizens of Sacramento County for which he served.
The Probation Department held a Memorial in honor of Julius Micheletti on May 20, 2011 at St. Mary’s Cemetery and held a Plaque Unveiling at the Youth Detention Facility honoring his dedication and sacrifice to the department.

Active Duty Deaths

Cossondra Deherrera

Officer Deherrera joined the Sacramento County Probation Department in June 2001 and was promoted to Deputy Probation Officer in 2007. She served with distinction at the Youth Detention Facility, Juvenile Court Services, and most recently, Adult Court Services.

Cossondra Deherreradownload.jpg

Yecenia Gutierrez

Senior Deputy Probation Officer Yecenia Gutierrez passed away on September 3, 2019. Yecenia began working with Probation in October 2001. She was promoted to Senior Deputy Probation Officer in March 2017 and spent most of her career in Juvenile Operations.

Yecenia Gutierrez59a8d413f02065ff7b3ccdd4.jpg

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